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Group Rides

Endless Summer Saturdays \\ November - January

Endless Summer Saturdays are back and better than ever! This year we're featuring 3 different routes to help mix up those winter base miles. Please be sure to check the route and meetup point each week; weather may force cancellations and/or route changes. We'll post updates by 8pm on Friday.

Route 1: Lake O (32 miles, 2,200' of climbing)
Route 2: Oregon City (33 miles, 1,600' of climbing)
Route 3: Cornell/Thompson & the West Hills (31 miles, 2,800' of climbing)

Endless Summer Saturday is an endurance-pace Group Ride. The goal is offseason base miles while enjoying the camaraderie of one of the largest winter group rides in Portland. It is NOT a hammerfest, or a personal KOM/QOM sprint parade. It is NOT a race training ride beyond offering you the ability to ride in a pack and get comfortable riding in close proximity to others. We're looking for more togetherness and group empathy on the ride this year, and want to set up this expectation now. We're also looking for your help in self-policing the group's pace, following traffic laws, and practicing safe riding techniques. 

Some Suggestions:
If the pace is too slow for you on a particular day and you're really feeling strong, please feel free to go ahead at your own pace, and we'll see you the following week. Alternatively, we'd encourage you to slide back into the group and help mentor and encourage others, and work on your pack riding skills. Get to know somebody new and plan a more strenuous ride for after the route or the next day. 

If the pace is too fast for you on a particular day, please let one of the ride leaders know. We don't know if there is an issue unless you let us know; we're only human. We all have off days and winter riding has a way of randomly turning strong legs into Jello. However, please keep in mind that as a group we are trying to keep a particular pace and not stretch a 30-mile ride into 4+ hours. This ride is very accommodating to those with a reasonable level of fitness, but we're looking for you to be honest with what you can handle. 

When: January 18

What: Route 2:

The GPS route is provided as a general guideline to help you understand what to expect, but ride leaders can and will make changes as necessary during the ride for weather and safety reasons. 

Rollout: 9am SHARP from Green Bridge Coffee
(650 NE Holladay St, Portland)

Show up early to give yourself and the baristas enough time if you want caffeine.

A helmet (Required)
Snacks & Water
Tubes and tire changing supplies
Weather-appropriate gear

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

Ride Leader: Noah S.

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