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Standing apart from the you-must-do-it-this-way crowd since 2017

The Story


In early 2015, Roule’s founder, Paul, was in an unhealthy place. The previous year he saw the end of his nine-year marriage and lost his best friend since childhood in a car accident on Christmas Eve. He poured himself into his work thinking that the creative outlet and his drive to succeed would sustain him. Instead, he had a minor heart attack according to a blip on an EKG. He was overcome by stress from both life and work and didn't know how to manage it all. Paul was depressed. He felt hopeless. He just felt done.

Fast forward to 2017…

Paul woke up one morning having literally dreamt of a community where all are welcome to celebrate cycling and everything that makes it great. A group of individuals looking for their people, a place where they can belong, and the support to push themselves both physically and mentally. From that initial dream, Roule Cycling was born.

The Vision

Roule Cycling is working to break down barriers and help make cycling accessible to anyone who wants to feel the rush of a descent, the accomplishment of a climb, and the camaraderie of a diverse community. We approach this in three ways:

What We Make...
Designed in Portland for wherever you roll. Through our exhaustive garment design and manufacturing process, Roule Cycling combines our commitment to craft, design, and the sport of cycling with your passion for high-quality, performance cycling apparel that—like you—is different from all the rest.

Where We Live...
Embracing Portland’s one-of-a-kind culture, our physical environment and climate, and the diverse cycling community here, Roule Cycling explores innovative partnerships, unexpected relationships, and the promotion and celebration of the place we call home through The Club Roule.

Who We Are...
Roule Cycling is committed to connectedness and community, and those values drive us to invest in our fellow humans. Through the creation of unique initiatives and partnerships, we promote awareness of issues that are close to our hearts and the hearts of those within our community, and provide opportunities for others to join in.