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The Club Roule Membership // 2022

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Ride Together. Push Together. Never On Your Own.

The Club Roule is a global community of like-minded cyclists, built on kindness, empathy, and a respect for fellow riders and the health of our community, both within the Club as well as the world around us. We stand with every human’s right to be recognized as they wish to be identified, and believe that every human deserves an equal opportunity in their pursuit of happiness. We turn strangers into friends, support local businesses through Community Partnerships, and support the growth of the sport by encouraging cyclists of all abilities to ride together and learn from one another.

Membership is valid for one calendar year: Jan 1-Dec 31, 2022


  • Club Roule Membership Card with access to special offers and discounts from our Community Partners network, comprised of local businesses and internationally recognized brands.
  • Credit from our Community Partner for all your nutrition, training, and race day needs.
  • Access to members-only online forum
  • Access to Club-led, Club-only group rides 
  • Access to Club Ride, Race, and Events Calendar
  • Access to members-only cycling apparel, manufactured by Pedal Mafia. Club apparel items include:
    • Short Sleeve Jerseys (2 choices)
    • Bib Shorts
    • Thermal Jacket
    • Wind Vest 
  • Discount pricing for limited-edition Roule apparel releases, including Club Roule special edition jerseys.
  • Prepaid annual team dues for Oregon Bike Racing Association (members responsible for individual racing license and fees)
  • Prepaid annual team dues for USA Cycling (members responsible for individual racing license and fees)

To become a Club Roule Annual Member:

  1. Add a 2022 Membership to your cart & place your order.
  2. Check your email for your Membership Guide (PDF) 
  3. Review the Membership Guide for additional Club information, responsibilities, the Membership Pledge, and the Passcode to the Pedal Mafia members-only online store.
  4. Order your 2022 Club Roule apparel as part of this preorder, or any other preorder window throughout the year. 

Once you've become a Club Roule Member, you will receive an invite to the members-only online forum. This invite will be sent to the same email you used when purchasing your membership. Your Club Roule Membership Card will be mailed out to you about a week later.